Thursday, April 23, 2009

the notebook

Project of recent: designing the free notebook that is given out to SOU students. In previous years a calendar/planner was given out, but starting last year they switched over to notebooks. Within the notebooks are some ads (of course, nothing is REALLY free, is it?) and 8 pages that the University may fill with whatever content they please.

Fortunately I got the job of filling these pages and also designing the cover.

The theme that my supervisor came up with was Campus Resources. So the notebook will be designed around the different resources and support available to students.

The most difficult task for me in all this was coming up with a concept for a theme that I would use on all the pages. After several hours of playing around with different photos and layouts, I came up with the idea to make each page look like a cork board/chalk board. It has a scholarly look, and maybe it's even a little cheesy, but I think it really works with this content.

So for now, I am laying out the different pages as the copy gets forwarded to me.
Example numero uno (not even close to being done yet):

Saturday, April 18, 2009


I haven't actually received confirmation that I am in fact graduating, but I would just assume so since I have fulfilled the requirements. I have been almost as excited about making really awesome invitations as I am about actually graduating. 
I created these using the same cap vector graphic that I used for the Bookstores graduation signage. The context of it, however, is completely different. 
All of the RSVP info and addresses are on the opposite side of this 5x7 postcard. They will be printed glossy. I CANNOT wait to get them back from the printer!!! 

Friday, April 17, 2009


Just finished printing material for next weeks recycled sale. I included lots of different textures because I am trying to branch away from my typical overly-clean looking layouts. And it really fits the recycled theme. It is looking a little foggy here, but it is actually quite vibrant when printed.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

this week

Today I am just finishing printing up all the signage I have been working on for the upcoming Grad Fair at the bookstore. You will soon see the Southern Oregon University campus (or at least anywhere near the Stevenson Union) plastered with these posters.
I'm in love with this font right now and will probably be abusing it.