Wednesday, August 31, 2011


It's kinda been one of those weeks. We were having some nice, hot August weather, when suddenly, this week, it took a turn for the worst. As did everyone's attitudes (including my own, I'll admit).

It's not that it's that bad. It's really not. And I remind myself that in order to have amazing days, it's mandatory that you have a few not-so-amazing days as well. That's just how it works.

So I thought today I would take a moment to dwell on a place that always makes me happy: my backyard.

First, I just love the glow of these lights. I think I like them even more at dawn than at dusk. We've been keeping them on at night to keep the moths attracted to the lights outside.

Tissue flowers hang from my birthday. How long will they last?

These tall plants, almost as tall as me, that look like weeds take up a large pocket of real estate next to my planter boxes. They're just starting to bloom, and I'm excited to see how beautiful it looks with all those purple flowers.

My very favorite part of this space: a furry, blue-eyed companion that follows me around, occasionally, giving me a gentle reminder that she needs her belly rubbed.

Our hydrangeas are purple because they're beneath our acidic oak tree. It makes my heart sing.

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